Things to Ask Your Designer Before Starting Your Website

If you’re working with a designer on your website, there are some things you should keep in mind. Asking questions will ensure that you get the best experience and will give you a great website to help you make the most of what you have set up online.

Ask your website design company or designer these questions:

What experience do you have?

If your website design company doesn’t have a portfolio or actual examples you can see of the companies they have worked with in the past, always find out if they have experience. An experienced website designer will always be willing to direct you to clients who they have worked with in the past.

 Do you work online?

Obviously, your designer is going to work online, but is that the only place their company lives? It’s much easier to get ripped off by a company that is primarily online. The relationship doesn’t feel genuine and it can be complicated to make the logistics of creating a site difficult.

You should always try to meet with your web designer first before you do any business. An in-person meeting is one of the best options everyone has.

Can you help me with hosting?

Some website developers do it, some don’t. Not every website design company is going to help you with hosting. While most will be more than happy to direct you to their favorite host, some may also choose to do the hosting on your own.

If you leave the hosting to the developer, you may get stuck in a lengthy contract with no control over how long they are going to host your website.

Always ask this question.

What do I need for website design?

Does your designer expect you to do the work or are they going to do it all?

Most commonly, you will need:

  • An idea of how you are branding yourself
  • Pictures from your company or that you want to use (be sure to have permission)
  • Business technical details (phone number, address, etc.)
  • Basic information about the business and the content you want on the site

A good designer will often have a questionnaire for you to fill out. From there, they can build the content on your site.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Seriously, don’t feel weird about asking this question. A good designer will not get offended.

If they do, run. Run fast.

We get asked this question by, at least, 80% of our clients (that’s not a real statistic, but it’s how I feel). Don’t feel weird about asking.

We’ll probably just tell you no.

But, most people who choose to do it themselves through a website builder or other means find they are not getting the best website possible. Their business could end up looking cheap, so just don’t even try.


Why should I hire you?

Again, don’t feel weird. Designers get this all the time. Most are prepared for it.

When you ask this question, you need to be prepared for their answer. They’ll give you a list of all the benefits. Those are what you can use to make your decision of who you want to design your site.

What is the cost?

This is the real question most people have. Take your time with it, though. All website designers will be happy to answer it (hey, we gotta get paid, too), but we like to build up some familiarity with you before we go throwing our prices.

Trust me, it’s not out of politeness.

We need to find out what you want on your site, what your expectations are and even what industry you’re a part of. After that, every designer will be more than happy to give you a customized price quote.

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