What does a web designer do?

Do you know what a graphic designer is? Many people don’t.


They’re the artists of the modern age. (Not that there aren’t other types of artists), but they use different media types to blend and create things for people.


Graphic designers can be sole graphic designers or they can have a variety of jobs. Some may do logos, others may do designs on clothing for others or for profits and still others are website designers.


Graphic design is a broad term, but website design falls under that umbrella.


Many web designers are just doing what they love and enjoy making aesthetically-pleasing websites for businesses. They are able to put things together and use their artistic talents to help people have the best website for their business.


Graphic design goes into the process, but designers also have to learn to code, must be willing to spend a lot of time with trial and error and may need to be a salesperson if they are trying to get clients.


So, what does a website designer do?




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